Discover Romania

Why is exploring Romania a unique experience?

Romania offers quite a few attractions never to be found somewhere else in the world. This is also the reason why UNESCO decided years ago to include them on it’s List of World Cultural Heritage.

As Romanians, we can proudly say that every region of our country has something special to offer, something which definitely will make a trip to Romania worth taking.

If the world today struggles for industrialization and development, you will find in Romania a wild nature, with a sometimes mythological scenery, with farmers working the field by horse and houses still made out of clay. And all this, in contrast to modern constructions and vehicles which started to appear only some decades ago.

If you really want to know about us, you’ll need the right information.

Come along and you’ll learn about:

  • traveling over Romanian breathtaking landscapes
  • experiencing many of our outdoors activities
  • Romanian cultural and spiritual heritage
  • many of our legends and, of course, the history of Dracula
  • tasting Romanian food and wine
  • the local people and their customs

Any combination is possible: there is so much to see and do but, for example, in less than a week you might tour some of Transylvania’s castles and join us in some local customs and of course, all the while enjoying traditional Romanian food & wine.

Please join us on a journey through Unique Romania !


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