Sighisoara Fortress


Sighisoara is a medieval fortress with architectural ensembles made in rural Gothic style, but also in Renaissance and Baroque styles, which are the result of a constructive effort appeared later in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
From the old defensive system, which has been arranged since the fourteenth century, now can be admired only 9 towers, 2 bastions and a part of the precinct wall. The towers were located in the most vulnerable places of the city and were provided with galleries for shooting and artillery bastions. Of these, the clock tower, 64 meters high, is the most impressive.

41e38b5cetatea-sighisoarei-2[1]               Cetatea-Sighisoara noaptea

In the Middle Ages the religious architecture was as significant as the military architecture. Of the 9 churches that were functional during the XIV-XVIII centuries are preserved to this day a number of 3, namely The Church from the Hill, Monastery Church and the Church called the “Lepers’ Church”. Here are presented rare pieces of religious, but also funeral sculpture and painting.
Related to the civil architecture, worth to mention that most of the 164 houses of the city, with at least 300 years old, are considered historical monuments. Here one can admire the semi-cylindrically shaped vaults of river rock specific to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the stone frames of the windows that copy the Venetian Gothic and inside are coffered ceilings and rooms totally painted. Among these buildings, the most important are the Vlad Dracul House, the Venetian House and the House with Stag.

A very original building, the largest of its kind in the area of Transylvania, is the Pupils’ Staircase. Even if the construction works from the nineteenth century partly changed the medieval architecture, Sighisoara Citadel is still the most beautiful and best preserved complex of medieval architecture in the Central and SE Europe.

The historical centre of Sighisoara is included in UNESCO world patrimony.

  Sighisoara turnul cu ceas                             de8cab16e79cfcea9cdea57a8ad7517b


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