Rasnov Fortress

The Râșnov Fortress is situated only 11 kilometers away from Poiana Brașov, which means a 10 minutes car ride on E574 towards Pitești. But you’ll be able to admire the fortress long before you’ll get near it. Built on a rocky cliff, the Râșnov Fortress is impressive not only through it’s history, but also through it’s location. We recommend that you walk up the Fortress Hill to gradually get the medieval feeling and to fully enjoy the view.

 Cetatea-Rasnov-1                    curtea-taraneasca-Rasnov

The Râșnov Fortress was built by peasants in the 13 and 14 centuries, as a hiding place during the Tartar invasions. The tall and thick walls, stretching along the rocky cliffs saved the lives of the Râșnov natives on numerous occasions across the centuries. In 1600, the fortress was used as a harbour by Mihai Viteazu. Today, it is one of the most well preserved peasant fortresses in Transilvania.

INAUGURARE - INSTALATIE ILUMINAT - RASNOV                      Cetatea_Râşnov,_România

Built and improved by generations and generations, the Râșnov Fortress doesn’t have a well defined architectural style. It was meant to be a second home for the Râșnov natives, and you can still visit the ruins of more than 30 rooms, a school and a small church in the courtyard of the fortress.

The courtyard also hosts a 146 meters deep fountain. The story says that it was dug by two Turkish war prisoners, and that they were promised freedom upon completion of the fountain. The two prisoners worked to finish it for 17 years.

In the Râșnov Fortress there is a museum where you can admire the tokens of a turbulent history: weapons, tools, and centuries old objects and documents.



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