Savarsin Castle


The Royal Castle of Săvârșin, built between 1650 and 1680, is now one of the residences of the Romanian royal family. Destroyed during the 1784 revolt and the 1848 revolution, it was rebuilt in the 19th century in Neo-Classic style and suffered numerous other interior and exterior transformations along the years.

savarsin_1 Castelul de la Savarsin1 - Copie

Owned by the Magyar nobility in Banat for almost three centuries, it became property of King Mihai I in 1943. As it was in an accentuated state of degradation, ample consolidation and renovation works were carried out. There were built new stairs and 5 bathrooms, a monumental fireplace made of Câmpulung stone and a terrace. The castle benefited from a fire fighting installation, a power plant with electric installations and a central heating .Savarsin3 int Savarsin25-Savarsin salon towards office                             int Svarsin

After being confiscated by the communists in 1948, together with the rest of royal properties, the Royal Castle of Săvârșin served as preventorium for children, mental health sanatorium, guest house, hunting residence of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and hotel. It was restored to the Royal House in June 2001. Princess Margareta coordinated the renovation works for the castle and the park, making sure the style created in 1943 by the Queen-Mother Elena (the mother of King Mihai I) were fully observed.

Nowadays, if you drive or pass in front of the castle, you can see the main entrance, flanked by 4 columns supporting the balcony of the central apartment. The castle is built on three levels: the semi-basement houses a living room, the laundry, the kitchen, closets and other annexes, the ground floor contains reception halls and a living room, while at the first floor are situated 3 apartments and 2 suites. Every room in the castle is painted in another colour and the objects inside (furniture, decorations, etc) are placed in exactly the same positions as 60 years ago, when the castle was last redecorated. The simple architecture, missing the rich decorations and ornaments specific to royal residences, enhances the castle’s romantic atmosphere.

The castle is surrounded by a 6.5 hectares park established in 1514 that also includes a lake and a wharf. The dendrologic park contains numerous rare species of trees and shrubs, such as silver firs, spruces, pyramidal thujas, swamp cypresses, Himalayan pines, Turkish walnut trees and secular oaks. The domain also includes greenhouses where modern ecological methods are applied.

As it is a private residence, the Royal Castle of Săvârșin is usually closed to the public, but sometimes visits and even accommodation inside the castle are possible. Phone enquiries are strongly recommended.

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