Karoly Castle

The Karoly Castle from Maramures, Carei, was built o the place of an old baroque fortress, built by Karolyi family, in 1492. After one century, namely in 1592, due to frequent incursions of the Turks, Karoly Mihaly decided to strengthen the existing building. Old building was surrounded with strong walls, bastions, an outside ditch strengthened with palisades, passing over a single suspension bridge. Also, for defensive reasons the castle needed a well-armed garrison. The castle has been destroyed and rebuilt several times until he got the form it has today.

 castelul karoly-renovat                               night

Related to the past history of the castle, some legends have appeared mainly about Rakoczi Prince Francis II, the most famous of which is “Rakoczi’s basement”.

The legend says that the basement was built by the “curuti”, which were hidden in it and, using the tunnels dug to a depth of 10 meters, surprised the enemies in the most unexpected places.

karoly_interior                      INTERIOR CASTELUL KAROLY

To discover the advantage of the curuti, the Austrians sent a handsome officer to Rakoczi’s family , presumably to steal information from Vilma, Prince Rakoczi’s daughter. Falling in love with the officer, she disclosed the mystery of her father, saying when and where he comes home to visit his family. But full of remorse after this betrayal, she decides to confess her father’s secret disclosure. To not be trapped, Prince Rakoczi manages to sneak in the last minute and run toward the basement’s galleries. Constantly watched by Austrian soldiers, the prince couldn’t forget the betrayal on his daughter and thrown a curse upon her, namely that of not being allowed to comb and wash, but only once a year. Curse also said that she could not marry until she sewn her own dress shirt; but only seven points per year can be made and the needle would sting her finger at every point. Only when she finishes the shirt, would the curse be broken.


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