Foisor Castle


In 1883, until the finalisation of the Peles Castle, King Carol I and Queen Elizabeth have resided in Foisor, a hunting house, construction finished more quickly. 

 ext foisor            foisor ext

Even Carol II lived there in the between years 1930-1940, when he was King of Romania, except 1932 and 1933, when the hunting house was destroyed by fire. Following the King’s orders, in the place of the hunting palace was built the present Foisor Castle.

castelul_foisor_salon_1baie foisorint foisor

The royalties of Romania share a wide past that ties them to the Foisor Castle. Unfortunately, this is the only castle from the Peles Complex that is not open to visitors because it belongs to the state protocol as a residential home. The founding royal family, Carol I together with Elizabeth, and King Ferdinand and Queen Mary have lived here for a significant period of time. They had at their disposal 42 rooms, but the building was renovated and a new wing was attached to the castle which connects it to a series of offices, living rooms and a theatre hall. The hunting house is an emblematical monument because it represents the birth place of a great king, Mihai II, son of Carol II and Elena.


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