Bethlen Haller Castle


Location: Transylvania – Central Romania, Alba County
Nearby large town: Blaj (13 miles)

castel-jidvei                              02

The Bethlen Castle was built in the 16th century in the French Renaissance style and restored in the 17th-18th centuries in the Baroque style. The Reformed Church, situated next to the Castle is a 13th century building.

The Castle Bethlen-Haller, with its eclectic combination of cultural styles, can be found on the outskirts of Cetatea de Balta in Transilvania, and this premier location provides guests with stunning views of the quiet village. Cetatea de Balta is a commune in Alba County, Romania. It is located between Tarnaveni (15 km / 9 miles) and Blaj (21 km / 13 miles) on the country road DJ 117.

interior asta-i                             interior iar

A castle in a spectacular historical setting, the unique Bethlen-Haller overlooks gorgeous landscapes and exudes a distinct, incomparable charm that makes a stay in any one of its luxurious rooms truly unforgettable. Bethlen-Haller features 14 guest rooms, 4 luxurious suites in a variety of styles, meeting spaces suitable for business use, and a large banqueting garden with panoramic views. Perfect for conferences, weddings, and receptions, Bethlen-Haller is the ideal choice for any vacation or event. 

interior baroc                             interior cum ar veni

DINING: The Castle Bethlen-Haller is the ideal location for meeting and celebrating, at any time of year. The beautiful historical architecture of the 16th century and the panoramic views of the walls all contribute to making any event at the Bethlen a memorable experience. The unique location, personal service, and outstanding cuisine are Bethlen Haller trademarks. Bethlen Haller’s professional and courteous staff guarantees that your event – business meetings or conferences, private dinner parties or wedding celebrations – will be both elegant and memorable. Original menus prepared by our chefs are available, including Traditional styles.

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